Hi, my name is Iulian

and I am here to guide you through the Highly Profitable and Exciting opportunity of becoming a world-class technology consultant. Even though I am mainly focused on the Salesforce ecosystem currently, I will touch upon a lot of other topics, outside of the technical Salesforce domain, that are required to reach world-class status, such skills as:
• interpersonal communication,
• leadership,
• the importance of persistence and personal drive
• tools that I use by testing and finding the best over the last 12 years
• how to grow from a business analyst, developer or quality assurance into a consultant of your choice by leveraging the knowledge and experience I gained from years of hard work
• and much more.

By no means am I suggesting this will be a super fast or very easy path, however, I promise you a challenging and financially rewarding career (fully backed up by years of data and forecasts).


Refine AND DOCUMENT Internal Processes

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The hype of the last 20 years

How can a Salesforce career help you?

According to the most recent data the Salesforce worldwide ecosystem will create 9.3 Million new jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenues by the end of the year 2026. The ever-growing demand for Salesforce specialists leaves a gap in the market, and with that gap comes a demand for highly-valued highly-paid specialists.

I have been riding the Salesforce growth wave since early 2010. It was a very lucrative and interesting path.

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Here is what my 1-on-1 students are saying

Iulian replied to me the next day after receiving my application (which was sent about midnight) and suggested a call right away. Whenever I had any questions, Iulian was there to lend his helping hand.
Anastasia Rovenco
Salesforce Senior Consultant