I teach people to achieve their career potential and establish financial stability

What makes me tick

My name is Iulian Chiriac and this is my blog.

I am a Salesforce Technical Architect, which I am very proud of. But what really drives me is learning constantly, learning new things, and challenging myself and the people around me that want to be challenged. I surround myself with people that want to grow, people that want to succeed and want to become financially independent so that they have the freedom to leave a positive impact on the world around them instead of being stuck on the hamster wheel of the 9-to-5.

I am a successful Employee, Contractor, Consultant, Mentor/Trainer, Inspiring leader and most recently aspiring to be a great father that would love nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with my family.

This is what drives me, this is why I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone constantly and this is why I keep pushing myself to success.

How did I get here?

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Writes about Tech

One of the best Commerce Cloud Experts I know!
Salesforce Projects Commerce Cloud Lead @Mekanys

Writes about Travel

Full of life and Happy, unless a Project is late 🙂
Salesforce Projects Delivery Lead @Mekanys